Teleprompter, AI intelligent voicing,
makes video creation easier
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AI intelligent follow-up, allowing lines to follow speech tempo, compatible with any software.
The teleprompter is more professional and makes it easier for customers to use it.
Smart AI Prompting
Universal floating keyword hint

Horizontal Screen | Vertical Screen, Mirror Prompt, Matching Hardware

Extract script with one click from video/link/image/document

Compatible with any shooting software

Intelligent follow-up, how to make oral recording smoother from now on.

word prompting board
One-click to extract dialogue
Teleprompter core functions
AI prompting, one-click import of lines, floating prompting board prompting Forbidden wordsDetect unlimited storage
One-click Extraction OnlineExtract Keywords
Extract Dialogue Quickly from Links, Videos, Audios, Documents, and Books
AI teleprompter, floating window teleprompter

Pair with any short video APP, beauty teleprompter, and easy teleprompter

Automatic detection of forbidden words

Vocabulary appForbidden words in live broadcasting, advertising law, and cosmetics

Word prompting in seconds, AI floating word prompting, and intelligent reading follow-up, allowing the lines to follow the speed of speech.
Teleprompter app can be used with any beauty camera, online teleprompter, floating teleprompter, live broadcast software, floating teleprompter, and video teleprompter to make your video recording smooth and smooth.
Short video teleprompter, live broadcast teleprompter, online teleprompter, short video teleprompter, conference teleprompter, etc. After turning on the floating window teleprompter, the lines will be suspended above the software (other users cannot see it) lines), you can adjust the text speed, transparency, font size, floating window size, etc. to make your recorded video super natural and smooth.
Free trial of floating window teleprompter appA word prompting tool that allows you to say goodbye to forgetting words, improve video quality, improve your personal image, make it smooth without lag, and increase your creative efficiency several times.
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Teleprompter app supports quick conversion of links/videos/voices/documents, etc. into line text, helping you easily shoot a natural and professional short video!Just paste the document into the teleprompter app and it will automatically scroll and play, allowing you to stay calm and calm when speaking. Don’t forget the word reminder, so you don’t have to remember your lines anymore.

Teleprompter, AI intelligent follow-up reading, make video creation easier.
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